Encourage Economic Growth

Developing the economy is best done by allowing Albertans to respond directly to market forces, succeeding or failing on their own merits. Alberta is already cutting edge in oil and gas development, environmental stewardship and technological development and can market that to the world. But investors, looking at the growing mountain of debt, will stay away for fear of increased taxes to pay for it. Government must get out of the way by having a plan to balance the budget and reduce debt.

Since 2015, the NDP has increased corporate income taxes by 20 per cent, implemented a carbon tax on consumers, and introduced a new slate of environmental regulations including a cap on emissions from oil sands production. The NDP claims that these policies will drive job creation and economic diversification. The unemployment rate in Alberta today is over 6%, investment dollars continue to leave the province, the debt is reaching 96 billion dollars, and our province and children are facing a gloomy future.

As your representative in the UCP caucus, I will promote the elimination of the carbon tax, promote controls on government spending, and promote small and large business’ and our citizens rights to an economic setting in which business’ attract investment, thrive and create jobs. There are excellent opportunities in Alberta to build and export our technical expertise in agriculture, education and oil and gas, and further expand our tourism industry.