Eliminate the Carbon Tax

Carbon tax shrinks GDP and deters employment. As Alberta product prices increase due to the Carbon tax, global and domestic markets will look to other suppliers for goods. They will then purchase suppliers who do not necessarily have Alberta’s track record for cutting edge environmental technology. - Revenue neutral does not equal sector neutral.

Alberta’s economy does not operate in a vacuum. The Alberta NDP says the benefits of its carbon tax include economic diversification away from oil and gas, job creation from greener jobs, emissions reductions, tax rebates for those with lower incomes. However, the outcome has been very different. Business, jobs, investors have left Alberta for other markets.

Carbon tax as a social license has not worked. The NDP claim that the Carbon tax would help us get our product to market; it has not.

Alternative to Carbon Tax for reducing Carbon Emissions encourage Technological advancements in our oil and gas sector. Alberta is already cutting edge in environmental stewardship and technological development. We also have are a very small player in the global environment. We have an opportunity to have a larger impact if we can develop and export our technology.